What is Random Executor?

Random Executor is an app for randomly selecting a file from a directory you specify and opening it in using the default application for that file's type, or with a custom application and any additional launch parameters. You can optionally specify name rules that have to be met to narrow down the selection of files that may be opened.


You've got too many movies to watch and need to pick one at random otherwise you'll never decide. You open Random Executor and select your movies directory then configure filename restrictions to avoid playing movies you have already seen, or restrict the movies to one which contains a particular word, and define file types to avoid such as image and subtitle files, then click Go! Friday night sorted.

Screenshot without naming conditions

Simple settings to open a random video file from the C:\Movies directory

Screenshot with naming conditions

Using additional settings so that only a video file with a name containing 'The' (with an uppercase T) and at least one of the words 'space', 'adventure', 'road' or 'journey' will be executed.
The specific application to open the video file is also specified along with additional launch parameters.
(See more VLC parameters here)

Screenshot of settings for randomised playlist

This example plays 200 video files one after another, and allows videos to be played more than once if they're selected.
Note the addition of the parameter --play-and-exit: without this VLC would stay open at the end of the video. (See more VLC parameters here)


Random Executor v1.2.103.401

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